What’s closest to a woman’s heart?

You know what’s closest to a woman heart? The necklace that adorns her neck. That used to be pretty accurate in the old times with necklaces all decked up with precious and semi precious stones. They’d keep these jewels close to their heart to help them in their difficult times. Now you wonder why I am reminiscing about those times?

Well, even though the neck-pieces that we wear today, differ starkly from their past counterparts, they still hold a very special place in our hearts(at least for me). They might not have precious stones, but they do give you that million dollar look when accessorized just right! I’ll give you a sneak peak of my own treasures and where I found those. Also, some tips on how to accessorize them.

‘Take-me out’ red pendant

For accessories, red is my go-to color. I feel it complements a lot of colors and brings a pop to any boring outfit. I own this this really cute pendant with red rhinestones that I can take out whenever I have to go to a formal gathering. It works great when worn with a formal attire (Western or Indian) and adds glamour to your formal dresses without overdoing it much.



Bought at: Handed down by my mother. I haven’t found anything similar on the internet but some simple stone pendants available online will serve their purpose just right.
How to wear: You can wear this over any formal attire. This goes well with formal dresses as well as any ethnic wear.

A classic pearl necklace

You know how they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well, not for me. I find pearls to be more classy and elegant. My grandmother got this for me on one of her trips to the Dubai Shopping Festival. Although this is a faux pearl piece, it looks so so classy that you can wear it for special occasions too! I have worn this with a peach dress to a wedding and it gave such a radiant look. Bonus point? It comes with earrings to complete the look 🙂

Bought at: Dubai Shopping Festival. I saw some similar pieces at Snapdeal /Amazon but you are better off finding them offline in jewellery stores.
How to wear: Wear this to a not-so-close wedding or wear this with a dress or a gown to any party.

The chunky red necklace!

Chunky necklaces can add the much needed quirk to any outfit. I bought this chunky red necklace, that I absolutely adore, while on a trip to Udaipur. However, you can find such jewellery at any shop/outlet that sells ethnic jewellery. I have seen the likes of it at Delhi-Haat and the CP circle.


Bought at: Shilpgram, Udaipur
How to wear: You can wear this with your blacks, grays, browns, whites. For any boring outfit that doesn’t have lot of color, just don this piece, deck up with red heels/ballerinas and it’ll give you a very chic look. I absolutely loved it when I teamed it with a casual black white blazer, a black tank top and red wedges.



A multi-colored beaded necklace

A multi-colored beaded necklace comes really handy when you want to accessorize but just can’t find the right piece to match your outfit. This piece has saved me on a lot of occasions when I was out in just my casuals but had to dash away to a more fashionable outing. Beads never go out of fashion and it gives a nice indo-western touch to your outfit.




Bought at: Shilpgram, Udaipur (again!)
How to wear: Absolutely anything! This definitely brings out the quirk quotient in any of your outfits. You can team it up with your palazzos and tank tops, harem pants, t-shirts etc….




A layered metal chain with charms

I love accessories with charms, be it bracelets or chains.  I have owned quite few in my life but they are so volatile for a manhandler like me :(. The piece I currently own is a black metallic chain with butterflies and leaves as charms. I have also owned a golden chain in but I think black metal is pretty cool since it works with ALL the colors. This piece would particularly look good over monochrome dresses, long tops or under a leather jacket. The layers of chain gives you a completely accessorized look.

Bought at: Sarojini Nagar.
How to wear: Wear it over a loose fitted shirt, monochrome dresses or over long tops with solid colors.

Black & White beaded layers

When you want a really funky and decked up look for a party, this neck-piece is the way to go! It is so charming with multiple beaded layers of black and white beads and a silver chain with a huge butterfly set in it. You’d have guessed my love for butterflies uptil now 😛 This would work well with your LBD or any other dress. Just make sure not to add a lot of layers of clothing while wearing this so that your overall look isn’t very decked up.




Shopped at: My cousin got this for me from Canada but you can find it at most fashion outlets here as well.
How to wear: Wear it over any dress but make sure not to add a lot of layers of clothing.

Multi-colored Alloy necklace

This necklace is particularly special because it is one of the shorter length pieces that I own. This can be worn over shirts, hiding the chain beneath the collars to give a very chic look. Since it is multi-colored, it works well with all shirts but looks uber cool with a classic white shirt.




Shopped at: Jabong.com
How to wear: Looks uber cool with a classic white shirt.





Happy accessorizing!



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