Just your girl-next-door with a very ordinary life. I have a creative monster that resides inside me and makes me jump to all things colorful and all things bright. It is the one tricking me to look up DIYs and pretty what-nots on the internet and occasionally pushing me to sketch. I live to read(literally, anything!) but food is my first love. I could spend whole days just cooking, baking and then eating everything up! Also, just like any other girl, I love to shop and dream of the day when I could replenish my wardrobe every month 😛 .

In my blog, you’ll find all the little trinkets I come across in my life. From recent trips to recent books, easy(read lazy) and delectable food recipes to breezy shopping/fashion tips. Also, a whole lot of random musings of my idle mind here and there. The topics are going to be as meandering as my life. 😛

  • Everything Food… – I never follow a recipe to the book. Recipes for all my experiments in the kitchen (obviously only the ones that turned out good) 😉
  • Noises in my head – Every once in a while, my brain picks up on thought-waves floating in the space and modulate them to coherent(maybe not?) write ups.
  • Spread the joy! – Some trinkets worth sharing. Stories from my life, witty quotes, great videos, funny pictures… Just about anything.
  • Stalk.Stop.Shop. – The story of every girl’s life. Treasures from my closet for fellow shopaholics.

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